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1688 Baltic Isles, Denmark
1688 Baltic Isles, Denmark


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INSULARUM | DANICARUM | ut | ZEE-LANDIAE, FIONIAE | LANGELANDIAE | LALANDIAE | FALSTRIAE, | FEMBRIAE, MORIAE ... | aliarumq: | in Mare Balthico Sitar ... | DESCRIPTIO, Frederik de Wit (1688)Although no date has been mentioned on the map, we know that it was published before 1689. Publisher Frederik de Wit (1630-1706) namely, mentioned on each of the maps that he produced after 1689 the original official privileges. This map provides detailed information about the Danish isles in the Baltic and forms a rich source for studying old place names. De Wit composed his map from several Dutch, Danish and probable French basic maps.

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