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1700s Brandenburg, Germany
1700s Brandenburg, Germany


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Celssissimo Potentissimo Invictissimoq: | PRINCIPI | FREDERICO GUILIELMO II | D G MARCHIONI BRANDENBURGICO | SRIELECTORI ac ARCHICAMERARIO etc | Hanc Exactiismam | CLIVIAE DUCATUS | et | MARCHIAE COMITATUS | Tabulam, Frederik de Wit (17??) This map was added to the Atlas of Dirck van der Hagen at a later date. It is an 18th-century edition of the map of Brandenburg, published by the Amsterdam publishers Johannes Covens and Cornelis Mortier. They have not altered the map apart from the address of Frederik de Wit which was originally mentioned bottom right. It is significant that they did dot replace it with their own name.

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