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1673 Siege of Naarden, Holland, Netherlands
1673 Siege of Naarden, Holland, Netherlands


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BELEGERINGE DER STADT NAERDEN | Zijnde de Eerste overwinninge die zijn Konincklijcke Hoogheyt de Heer | Prinse van Oranjen heeft gedaen verovert op den 12 September 1673 | LE SIEGE & LA PRISE DE LA VILLE DE NAERDE | qui est la premiere Conqueste que Son Altesse Royale Monseig: | neur le Prince d' Orange a faitte le 12 Septembre 1673, Romeyn Hooghe (1673)The year 1672 is known as the 'Year of Disaster' (Rampjaar). In April 1672 England and France declared war on the Dutch Republic. After French troops had crossed the River Rhine near Lobith on 12 juni 1672 the Dutch defensive lines crashed. Only by inundating a part of the provinces of Holland and Brabant, the so-called Waterlinie, Holland and Zeeland could withstand the attack. After William III had reached power and the State government had been overthrown, the fortress town Naarden could be recaptured on 12 September 1673 and a counter attack was started. The print by Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) shows the succesful siege and capture of the fortress. De Ho

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