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1675 Victory of John III, Krakow, Poland
1675 Victory of John III, Krakow, Poland


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INVICTO AUGUSTO | IOANNI III | REGI POLONIAE MAGNO DUCI LITHUANIAE, UKRAINAE, etc. | PER INNUMEROS TRIUMPHOS, AD CORONATIONEM, | DE TURCIS, TARTATRIS, COSACCIS, etc. | VICTORI, ULTORI; REDUCI, Romanus de Hooghe (1675)Between 1671 and 1677 a war was waged between Poland and the Turkish Empire. The war was about the Ukraine that as a result of a former war was divided between Poland and Russia. The kosaks in the Ukraine refused to recognize the Polish authority. They revolted and searched for help with the Turks. The Polish king John III Sobiesky was able to conquer the large Turkish army in the Battle of Lwow in 1675 and relieve the Ukraine. Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) depicts in this print the triumphant entry of John III in city of Krakow.

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