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1688 William III, in Brielle and London
1688 William III, in Brielle and London


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VERTREK VAN S.K.H. NA ENGELAND, den 11. Nov. 1688, R Hooge (1688)Shortly after the ascention to the English throne in 1685 Jacob II Stuart converted to the Roman-Catholic religion. Out of fear that Jacob II would ally himself with the Roman Catholic enemy of the Republic, the French king Louis XIV, and that they would open a joint attack on the Republic, Stadholder William III secretly prepared a military expedition against Jacob II, his brother-in-law. On 15 November 1688 William III landed with 50 war vessels and more than 14.000 soldiers on the English coast near Brixham. There, he opened the battle with the English king. Engraver Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) travelled in the entourage of William III. This print, produced by Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) and designer Hekhuijsen, depicts the departure from Brielle and the arrival in England.

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