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1688 Peloponnesus
1688 Peloponnesus


$12.50 and up depending on your choice

Peloponnesus hodie MoreŠ Regnum : distinctÚ divisum in omnes suas provincias, hodiernas atque veteres, cui et adiuguntur insulŠ Cefalonia, Zante, Cerigo et St. Maura / actore F. de Wit. 1688. Relief shown pictorially. Originally printed on 3 sheets. Includes ill. of lion with enslaved human figures shown in embellished title cartouche. Views of fortified towns in outer margins: Navarino -- Zarnata -- Casl. Tornese -- Corinto -- Malvasia -- Patrasso -- Coron -- Napoli di Romania -- Modon -- Misit

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