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1898 Antietam Battlefield
1898 Antietam Battlefield


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Antietam. 1898. Map of the battlefield of Antietam Published under the direction of Daniel S. Lamont and Russell A. Alger, Secretaries of War, by the Antietam Battlefield Board, Major Geo. W. Davis, U.S.A. President, General E. A. Carman, late Union army, [and] General H. Heth, late Confederate army. Surveyed and drawn by Col. E. B. Cope, Engineer [and] H. W. Mattern, Ass't Engineer, Gettysburg National Park. "Drawn by H. W. Mattern" in the lower right corner. "Note: Figures in black and crosses, thus (+) marked along roadsides indicate numbers of tablets. For legends on tablets showing positions of troops and their movements, see final report of the Antietam Battlefield Board to the Secretary of War, dated 1898." Detailed map of the battlefield showing roads, lanes, fences, houses, names of residents, woodland, and relief by contour lines at intervals of 10 feet. Troop positions are not noted.

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