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See our vintage illustrations of flowers and plants by Sears, Henry & Company. This collection of vintage illustrations was originally published in 1893. It holds over 120 plant posters and flower posters. These vintage llustrations are from a catalog used to help in pricing certain flowers and plants. All product descriptions are taken from the text printed on the plates. These plant posters go great on the wall and the flower posters are a sure treat for any historical horticulturist.
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Alfred Colomb

Alfred Colomb$12.50 and up

Ampelopsis Veitchii

Ampelopsis Veitchii$12.50 and up

Austrian Pine

Austrian Pine$12.50 and up

Baltimore Belle

Baltimore Belle$12.50 and up

Blanche Robert

Blanche Robert$12.50 and up


Catalpa$12.50 and up

Clematis Coccinea

Clematis Coccinea$12.50 and up

Clematis Jackmanii

Clematis Jackmanii$12.50 and up

Coquette Des Alps

Coquette Des Alps$12.50 and up

Crested Moss

Crested Moss$12.50 and up


Deutzia$12.50 and up

Gem of Prairie

Gem of Prairie$12.50 and up

Gen. Jaqueminot

Gen. Jaqueminot$12.50 and up

Japan Lillies

Japan Lillies$12.50 and up

Japan Quince

Japan Quince$12.50 and up

Japan Snowball

Japan Snowball$12.50 and up

Jules Margotten

Jules Margotten$12.50 and up

La France

La France$12.50 and up

La Reine

La Reine$12.50 and up

Louis Van Houtti

Louis Van Houtti$12.50 and up

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