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Our Wrights Fruit Growers Guide posters is a great little collection of vintage fruit posters. There are 46 different vintage fruit posters to choose from. These Wrights fruit Growers Guide posters were done by May Rivers, and originally published in London by Virtue and Company in 1880.
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Agawam$12.50 and up


Alexander$12.50 and up


Alexander$12.50 and up

Alpine Strawberries

Alpine Strawberries$12.50 and up


Angler$12.50 and up


Banana$12.50 and up

Belle De Boskoop

Belle De Boskoop$12.50 and up

Ben Davis

Ben Davis$12.50 and up


Berberries$12.50 and up

Beurre D'anjou

Beurre D'anjou$12.50 and up

Beurre Rance

Beurre Rance$12.50 and up


Bigarreau$12.50 and up


Blackberry$12.50 and up

Blood Orange

Blood Orange$12.50 and up

Braddicks Nonpareil

Braddicks Nonpareil$12.50 and up


Bradshaw$12.50 and up


Brighton$12.50 and up

Buckland Sweetwater

Buckland Sweetwater$12.50 and up


Catillac$12.50 and up

Champion Quince

Champion Quince$12.50 and up

Chelmsford Wonder

Chelmsford Wonder$12.50 and up

Cherry Currant

Cherry Currant$12.50 and up

Clapps Favorite

Clapps Favorite$12.50 and up

Columbian Raspberry

Columbian Raspberry$12.50 and up

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