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Houdini, Thurston, Newmann, Kellar & other old-time greats live on to dazzle us with their feats of magic and illusion in these vintage magic posters. Our collection of high-resolution vintage magician posters sports over 40 unique pieces. See your favorite magicians of old time, and proudly display them. On the plus side, with our vintage magician posters, you won't have to worry about securing them with locks and chains, as these magicians won't be escaping any time soon ... well, except for the Houdini posters!
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Prince Of Magicians

Prince Of Magicians$12.50 and up

Self Decapitation

Self Decapitation$12.50 and up

The Great Dayton Show

The Great Dayton Show$12.50 and up

The Magician's Palace

The Magician's Palace$12.50 and up

The Man Who Knows

The Man Who Knows$12.50 and up

The Vanishing Whippet

The Vanishing Whippet$12.50 and up


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