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Browse our collection of 100 stunning vintage fashion posters from the elite French fashion magazine, “La Gazette du Bon Ton”. This vintage fashion art is captured in high-resolution, preserving every detail that your eye can take in. The exclusive magazine, "Gazette du Bon Ton", has been pored over, choosing only the best of the best to turn into vintage fashion posters. Reknowned for full-page vintage fashion art, good taste and style, this publication was catered to the rich and crème de la crème of society. Now you can enjoy these timeless, yet vintage, fashion art posters.
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1914 Marty - Rentrons

1914 Marty - Rentrons$12.50 and up

1920 Lepape - Antinea

1920 Lepape - Antinea$12.50 and up

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