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Checkout our W. Hamilton Gibson art collection of toadstool and mushroom posters. These toadstool and mushroom posters were put out by Harper and Brothers Publishers in 1895. W. Hamilton Gibson's art selection of 29 native food varieties both poisonous and edible. Whether or not the fungus shown on the toadstool and mushroom posters are in fact poisonous or edible is not verified by Ric's Art Shop.
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Total products in W. Hamilton Gibson: 29

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Agaricus Campestris

Agaricus Campestris$12.50 and up

Agaricus Gambosus

Agaricus Gambosus$12.50 and up

Agaricus Ostreatus

Agaricus Ostreatus$12.50 and up

Agaricus Procerus

Agaricus Procerus$12.50 and up

Agaricus Ulmarius

Agaricus Ulmarius$12.50 and up


Amanita$12.50 and up

Boletus Edulis

Boletus Edulis$12.50 and up

Boletus Scaber

Boletus Scaber$12.50 and up

Boletus Subtomentosus

Boletus Subtomentosus$12.50 and up

Cantharellus Cibarius

Cantharellus Cibarius$12.50 and up

Clavaria Formosa

Clavaria Formosa$12.50 and up

Coprinus Atramentarius

Coprinus Atramentarius$12.50 and up

Coprinus Comatus

Coprinus Comatus$12.50 and up

Edible Russulae

Edible Russulae$12.50 and up

Fistulina Hepatica

Fistulina Hepatica$12.50 and up

Helvella Crispa

Helvella Crispa$12.50 and up

Hydnum Caput Medusae

Hydnum Caput Medusae$12.50 and up

Hydnum Repandum

Hydnum Repandum$12.50 and up

Lactarius Deliciosus

Lactarius Deliciosus$12.50 and up

Marsmius Oreades

Marsmius Oreades$12.50 and up

Morchella Esculenta

Morchella Esculenta$12.50 and up

Poisonous Champignons

Poisonous Champignons$12.50 and up

Polyporus Sulphureus

Polyporus Sulphureus$12.50 and up

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