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Ville de Liege - Augustus Donnay
Ville de Liege - Augustus Donnay


$12.50 and up depending on your choice

Donnay poster reading "City of Liege, July 21 and 28, 1895, international competition of choral singing, organized by the municipal government, with the participation of the royal club 'The Belgian Lion,' the royal society 'The Legia' and the choral society 'The Pupils of Gretry,' under the high patronage of His Majesty, King of the Belgians, Sunday, July 21 Third Division, First Division [with listings], Sunday, July 28 Division of Excellence [with listings], Division of Honor [with listings], issued by the city council municipal secretary, J Coirbay; mayor, Leo Gerard." - Auguste Donnay (Belgian; 1862-1921) Painter, printmaker, designer, draftsman; studied in Paris; Symbolist, magazine artist, book illustrator; nationalistic landscapist with a mystical tinge.

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