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Exposition de Charlet - Adolphe Willette
Exposition de Charlet - Adolphe Willette


$12.50 and up depending on your choice

Willet poster reading "Exhibition of the works of [Nicolas-Toussaint] Charlet [a Romantic-era illustrator of the Napoleonic wars] and of modern lithographs; organized by the Society of French Lithographic Artists and sponsored by the minister of education and fine arts; June 1-15, 1893, from 10 to 6, Galeries Durand-Ruel, rue Laffitte and rue Le Peletier; admission 1 franc." 1893. - Adolph Willette (French; 1857-1926): Painter, draftsman, printmaker, writer, contributor to humor and satire magazines; many posters; book illustrations.

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