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Thes Palais Indiens - Georges de Feure
Thes Palais Indiens - Georges de Feure


$12.50 and up depending on your choice

Feure poster reading "Indian Palaces teas; the best of teas, Indian tea; Zenana tea, 3.60 francs per half-kilo; Indian Palace, 4.50; Maharaja, 6.00; Grand Mogul, 8.00; directly imported, wholesale; Society of Indian Palaces, 25 boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle, Paris; for sale at_________." 1895. - Georges de Feure (French; 1868-1928): Pupil of Cheret; did many posters; painter, lithographer, engraver, illustrator; designer of theater decorations, porcelains, furniture and furnishings (in the style of can de Velde).

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